Antica Partners With Munk Debates And The Globe and Mail In Launching A New Weekly Series Exploring The World After COVID19

Toronto, Canada — April 08, 2020 Munk Debates launched a new “dialogues” series in partnership with The Globe and Mail to encourage a conversation about the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Antica Productions is a proud partner of Munk Debates in bringing this limited series directly to you.

We will get through this. At some point in the coming months there will be a therapy or vaccine that allows life to return to something that resembles normal. The question we are all starting to ask ourselves is what will the world look like post COVID-19? How will this global pandemic change everything from our politics to our culture to global affairs? Of this we can be sure: the impact of COVID will be far-reaching. Many of our core assumptions about the role and scope of government are being upended. How we work, play and learn are being transformed. Existing great power rivalries are intensifying as the economic and geopolitical effects of the crisis reverberate around the globe.



Through weekly livestreams, anyone with an Internet connection will be able to participate in online Q&As with some of the world’s brightest minds and sharpest thinkers. From economics to culture to geopolitics, the Munk Dialogues will explore the key issues and ideas that will shape the post-pandemic world. The dialogue series launched April 9 with author and journalist Malcolm Gladwell. Renowned thinkers such as journalist Fareed Zakaria, economist Mohamed El-Erian, former United States ambassador Samantha Power and many more international acclaimed commentators will participate in the weeks ahead.

“The Munk Dialogues are way for all of us to start the important work of thinking about what the world will like after the COVID-19 pandemic. How will it effect everything from our individual lives to Canadian society to our place in the world? With this new initiative we want to help all of us dig in and figure out the post-COVID-19 world for humankind,” says Rudyard Griffiths, moderator of the Munk Dialogues.

Antica currently produces The Munk Debates Podcast, a weekly global affairs series and the world’s first podcast dedicated to convening one-on-one debates.

The Munk Dialogues is a charitable initiative of the Munk Debates and The Peter and Melanie Munk Foundation.


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