The Lost Kids

Hosted by journalist Josh Bloch (CBC’s ‘Uncover: Escaping NXIVM’ podcast), The Lost Kids begins with the story of a missing teen Daniel Yuen, whose behavioural problems led his parents to seek out psychiatrists and then enrol him in a CEDU school. That therapeutic boarding school and behaviour modification program in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California was the last place Yuen was seen, before he vanished in 2004. He was 16.

What began as an investigation into one missing teen soon expanded into an expose of the profitable “troubled teen” industry, which received a considerable boost from endorsements by politicians and features on daytime talk shows.

Produced By: Kathleen Goldhar, David McDougall and Josh Bloch
Distribution Partner: UCP Audio

About the Host


Josh Bloch is a radio producer and award-winning journalist. He worked on the daily current affairs show The Current since 2012, most recently as a documentary editor. He is now leading the podcast department at NBCUniversal’s USG Audio. He co-created the CBC show The Life Game, which tells people’s life stories with the help of improv actors, and How To Do It: the guide to things you hope you never need to know. He also produced CBC’s first VR documentary Highway of Tears.

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