Love, Janessa

Behind every catfish, there’s the bait. Who is Janessa Brazil? Stolen images of an adult entertainment star are being used to con victims out of thousands of dollars, breaking hearts in the process. Journalist Hannah Ajala embarks on a quest to find Janessa, in this 8-part true crime series. And who is responsible for catfishing scams? Produced for the BBC World Service and CBC Podcasts by Antica Productions and Telltale Industries.

Produced By: Laura Regehr, Katrina Onstad
Distribution Partner: CBC/BBC

About the Host


Hannah Ajala is a journalist specialising in podcasts for the BBC – and has recently spent up to two years travelling across West Africa working on a range of stories and broadcasting for international organisations such as the BBC. Hannah is passionate about shedding more light on engaging stories about marginalised communities, which has led her to reports on engaging and uplifting international stories.

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