Field Guide to Eating in Canada

Field Guide to Eating in Canada is a feast for your ears, taking listeners on a coast-to-coast culinary adventure across one of the world’s most diverse countries. Your guide is food writer and cookbook author Meredith Erickson, a passionate advocate of Canadian cuisine. Meredith introduces us to rock star chefs and family-run restaurants, exploring far-flung destinations to find great food and the people who make it. This podcast is part of Audible’s inaugural ‘Canadian Originals’ slate.

Produced By: Laura Regehr
Distribution Partner: Audible Inc.

About the Host


Meredith Erickson is the host and co-writer of Field Guide to Eating in Canada. An avid traveler, she’s made a career of exploring the culinary traditions, and the terrain that inspires them, in countless destinations. Meredith is also a seasoned cookbook author. She’s behind the best-selling Alpine Cooking, and co-authored The Art of Living According to Joe BeefOlympia ProvisionsClaridge’s: The CookbookJoe Beef: Surviving the ApocalypseMandy’sFriuli Food and Wine and others. Born in Southern Ontario, Meredith has lived many places including New York State, London, England and Milan, Italy. She’s currently working on Alta Italia and CANADA: the travelogue, and splits her time between Montréal and Milan.

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